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Move your .fi domain to an another registrar

Domain name registrar is an organization that handles the reservation of domain names and the assignment of IP addresses for those domain names. As AYY will no longer sell domain's to associations in the future, your association will need to migrate their domain.

Find a new registrar

You can choose any domain registrar that sells .fi domains. Here are some examples

You could also start using a non .fi domain, but you can't transfer a .fi domain to a non .fi domain registrar.

Obtain a registrar transfer key

To transfer the domain to the new registrar, you will need a transfer key. You can obtain the transfer key by contacting AYY's IT team with this form

Request transfer to a new registrar

Send the transfer key to the new registrar

The way you use the transfer key will differ from one registrar to another, but generally there will be a web form where you can paste in your transfer key.