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Setting up a WordPress site with Louhi

This guide will show how to set up a basic WordPress site with Louhi. The guide assumes that you have already created a Louhi account and have access to the Louhi control panel.

Setting up WordPress in Louhi

Scroll down in the control panel until you see "Installatron Applications Installer" and click on it. Installatron From there, scroll to "Apps for Content Management" and click on "WordPress". WordPress in Installatron

Then on the right side, click on "Install this application".

Install WordPress

On the next page you can configure the WordPress installation. The default settings are fine for most cases, but you can change the settings if you want. You can change the admin username and password later through Installatron, so there is no way to screw yourself over, but you should still save the admin credentials somewhere safe. When you are done, click on "Install".

After a few minutes of processing, your WordPress installation should be ready

(Optional) Migrating from AYY WordPress Service

Once the WordPress installation is ready you can start migrating your content from the AYY WordPress Service by following the instructions on this page Migrate from AYY WordPress Service